Our goal is for reusable bottles to make an epic COMEBACK and an even more significant IMPACT. When you switch to our reusable bottle, you will not only be making a critical contribution to the environment, but you will also be giving back to other important social causes as well. Another major water-related issue is that of the lack of clean water in many communities. Almost one billion people do not have access to clean drinking water, a basic life necessity. Through our THIS BOTTLE GIVES™ program, for every bottle that we sell, we will donate part of the proceeds to The Thirst Project (, to help fund the building of fresh water wells in impoverished communities. In addition, we will frequently collaborate with other organizations and charities like Give Kids the World to further expand our social and environmental outreach. Ready to get your reusable bottle and help make a difference? Click here.


BAMBOU HEART™ is excited to be partnering with Thirst Project to help provide clean drinking water to impoverished communities. Part of the proceeds from your purchase will go towards building freshwater wells in communities suffering from the global water crisis. To find out more about Thirst Project, please visit We thank you for your continued support!

The Thirst Project is a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization that builds freshwater wells in developing nations and impoverished communities to provide people with safe, clean drinking water. We speak at high schools and colleges across the country to educate students about the global water crisis. We use sensory, tactile creative elements, photos and video in our speaking presentations to take students through the journey of the water crisis, and then mobilize them to take action. In less than three years, we've spoken at more than 100 schools in 13 states, reached over 200,000 students, and have raised over $2.6 million to build freshwater wells in communities suffering from the clean water crisis. This has funded projects to give over 200,000 people safe, clean drinking water.

BAMBOU HEART™ is a proud partner of Give Kids The World, a 70-acre, non-profit "storybook" resort, located near Central Florida's most beloved attractions, where children with life-threatening illnesses and their families are treated to weeklong, cost-free fantasy vacations.

To find out more about Give Kids The World, please visit