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     Why Go Reusable?

     The truth about bottled water:

How single-use plastic bottles affect our oceans and its inhabitants:

Today, billions of pounds of plastic can be found in swirling convergences making up about 40% of the world’s ocean surfaces. Why are we using plastic, a material that for all intensive purposes lasts forever, to manufacture items that we use for less than five minutes?


There are so many things that you can do as an individual and as a group to help reduce plastic waste and help save our oceans. First, we must shift away from disposable habits that pollute our oceans by minimizing our consumption of “throwaway” plastics, and embracing a culture of sustainability. A great way to start is to get a reusable water bottle and use it!



Our bottle features a wide-mouth, dual-walled, insulated, non-sweat design, so that it will hold water, hot coffee, iced-tea, and anything else you may need to bring on your daily adventures. Each bottle is also inscribed with an inspirational quote or message, so that it can remind you of the good things in life, everywhere that you go! For information on how to care for your bottle, click here.


Our goal is for reusable bottles to make an epic COMEBACK and an even more significant IMPACT. When you switch to our reusable bottle, you will not only be making a critical contribution to the environment, but you will also be giving back to other important social causes as well. Another major water-related issue is that of the lack of clean water in many communities. Almost one billion people do not have access to clean drinking water, a basic life necessity. Through our THIS BOTTLE GIVES™ program, for every bottle that we sell, we will donate part of the proceeds to The Thirst Project (www.thirstproject.org) to help fund the building of fresh water wells in impoverished communities. In addition, we will frequently collaborate with other organizations and charities like Give Kids the World to further expand our social and environmental outreach. To find out more about the charities that we are involved with, please visit the “Charities” page on our website. Ready to get your reusable bottle and help give clean water to a person in need? Click here!



Next time someone comments on your “interesting-looking bottle,” tell them about how you are saving the ocean by drinking from your reusable bottle. Tell them about the world water crisis and about the millions of people that still need clean drinking water. Urge your school or workplace to install a hydration station instead of selling bottled water. If you are part of a team, event, or company that relies heavily on bottled water, suggest to your group to switch to reusable bottles (You can even customize your team’s bottles here!) You have the power to educate others about water and inspire change in your community. So go out, explore, have fun, and make change happen!


Taking small steps every day can make a huge difference! Take the pledge to not trash the oceans.

I pledge not to trash the oceans by:

1. Drinking water out of a reusable bottle. 
2. Recycling plastics whenever possible.
3. Never littering and always disposing of trash properly.
4. Encouraging my friends and family to reduce their plastics consumption.

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